4 Medals for LCCB at the Virginia Craft Brewer's Festival

4 Medals for Virginia’s Farm Brewery at the Virginia Craft Brewer’s Festival

We are proud to announce that Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery  won 4 Medals at this past weekend’s 2015 Virginia Craft Brewer’s Festival

LCCB 2015 VA Award Winning Beers

Nuclear Nugget, Bronze, Strong Ale

Supreme Leader, Bronze, Smoked and Wood Aged Beer

Virginia Black Bear, Gold, Russian Imperial Stout

Heir Apparent, Silver, Herb, Spice and Vegetable Beer

Team LCCB at the 2015 VA Craft Brewer's Festival
STP, Lisa, Dave and Beth (Team LCCB)

We’d also like to congratulate all of our friends at breweries throughout the commonwealth for making Virginia beer great.