Despot Day 2016 Ticket Links

Despot Day 2016 Ticket Links
You do not need a ticket to attend Despot Day 2016.  You only need to register for a ticket if you would like to purchase bottles.
Only one ticket per person.
At 11 am eastern standard time, January 18th tickets for the right to purchase 2016 Despot & her variants go on sale at
There are three waves A: 12-2, B:2-4 and C: 4-6. Please respect the one person one ticket rule. We will be looking over the list closely and if we notice shenanigans your purchase will be made null and void.   You may not purchase a ticket for one wave and then another ticket for a different wave and so on.  Ticket purchases made for multiple waves will be made null and void.

We’ve gotten the question on bottle counts and tickets. There are 500 tickets available or about 166 per wave. We are fortunate to have the barrel resource we have and quantities are dictated thusly. There are 3,000 bottles of Despot and 1,000 of each variant available for sale. The 6 bottle limit of Enlightened Despot is half of what it was last year (2015 Despot you could buy a full case. 2014 Despot had no limit).
You do not need a ticket to attend Despot Day 2016. You only need a ticket if you want to purchase bottles.
The reason for the ticketing process is to prevent the gigantic line we had last year and the unsatisfied customers we had because of it. The $10 ticket fee will not go towards the purchase of your 2016 Despot Bottles. It is a way to ensure serenity in a time of chaos (for everyone) and we will be donating a large portion of it to a local non-profit.
There will be guest taps at Despot Day 2016. Brothers Brewing, Hardywood Park, Adroit Theory, O’Connor & Stone all have committed to having beer there with more great breweries to be added (beers will be announced later)

The question of trustees has come up. We want the people who want our beer the opportunity to purchase it so we are allowing a trustee or proxy. Here’s the catch…A trustee or proxy can only be one person’s trustee or proxy.  

And lastly Enlightened Despot and her variants are available 1 day a year (the first Saturday in March). Bottles must be picked up on Despot Day, Saturday, March 5th 2016. 

Please let us know any questions you have and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner. Thank you for all of your support. 

Look Busy. The Despot is Coming.