Farm Plan

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery Farm Plan & News

The Farm Brewers at Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery are excited to make some big expansions to the existing hop, barley, rosemary, hay and pumpkin farming.  After receiving such a great response to our product and farm brewery, we have the resources to hire some educated farmers and let the brewers concentrate on the beer.


Lisa and the Farmers

We work with Gary Hodges and Raymond Hawk on our farm.  Through their guidance and hard work, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery was able to harvest 25,000 pounds of 6 Row Thoroughbred barely and recently sent 2,000 pounds of barley toWood’s Mill Malt House  in Nelson County to locally malt our own farm grown barley.

This is really exciting.  We are also planning on growing a Two Row Variety called Endeavor for next year’s harvest.

Two-row barley is not readily grown in this part of Virginia, so again, we’re breaking new ground.


We have added Rosemary rows, basil and two fig trees over the past year.
Bitter orange bushes are growing well.   We use these in 12th Night and Redneck Soap Opera.
Currently have 3 acres planted in Wheat and 7 acres planted with Rye.  Working on test batch brews now for these ingredients.
Blueberries coming in April 2016!
Acres and acres of Sunflowers
Sunflower Field Pic

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