Gentleman Farmer Mentioned in Yahoo! Food

Yahoo! Features LCCB

Every now and then, Virginia’s Farm Brewery gets a little national attention.  Today we had the great fortune of being included in a Yahoo! Food article titled How the South Does Beer.

From the article by Rachel Tepper, “In Goochland, Virginia, Sean-Thomas Pumphrey of Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery grows three types of hops selected for their ability to thrive in the Mid-Atlantic climate. “Lucky that they’re some of my favorite,” he said. Cascade hops lend notes of grapefruit and pine, while nugget hops offer herbaceous flavors. The third, a variety called “chinook,” rounds out the trio with its robust hoppy character.

In late September, Lickinghole Creek will unveil this year’s Gentleman Farmer Estate Hop Ale, a limited release made with a combination of the three hops. ”What we’re tying to do is create terroir in beer—it refers to a sense of place,” Pumphrey told us. “We’re trying to create a flavor based on our unique climate. We believe our hops do not taste like hops anywhere else.”