Nuclear Nugget Imperial Honey IPA Release Date 6/7/14

Date: Saturday, June 7th
Time: 1:00 ‘Til Sunset (8:27 p.m.)
Place: LCCB 4100 Knolls Point Dr. Goochland, VA 23063

email or call (804) 314-4380 for more info

Beer Details:
Nuclear Nugget Imperial Honey IPA
10.5% ABV 105 IBU
Made with Goochland Honey from Bearer Farms
Hops: Magnum, Centennial and Nugget, of course
Yeast: House American Strain
Unfiltered well water
Number of Bottles: 2,000
Bottle Limit: No

The Nugget is about to drop. Nuclear Nugget Imperial Honey IPA is a delicious hop libation. It’s not delicate or subtle. What it is, is a hop head’s dream fulfilled. Nuclear Nugget explodes with flavor. Notes of citrus flowers from Centennial Hops and strong herbal and spice notes are added from Nugget hops. The fallout is somewhat subdued through the generous additions of local Goochland Honey from Bearer Farms. Proceed with Caution. The Hour Draws Nigh.

Local Imperial Honey IPA is coming to RVA and beyond.
Local Imperial Honey IPA is coming to RVA and beyond.

Live music provided by the talented Barry Lawson and Tom Marshall. Barry and Tom will start around 2:00 p.m.

Ryan Hearn will bring in the sunset with his soulful voice and beautiful songs starting around 5:30.

Gourmet food vendors to be announced later.

LCCB is a family friendly environment. We will have activities for the kids, a playground for them to play on and lots of space for them to run around.

Dogs are allowed, but they must be leashed and have up-to-date shots.

Please drive safely and slowly when visiting Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery.