Saving the Best For.....

Saturday, November 16th we are going to release our Pumpkin Beer.  This beer was a labor of love.  We planted approximately an acre of Sugar Pumpkins in early Spring, tended them throughout the season, harvested them, cured them, roasted them, peeled them and added them directly to the mash of the beer.

All of this was done to create the Last Pumpkin Beer Release of 2013, Pumpkin Ain’t Easy, Belgian Style Pumpkin Ale, 8% ABV.

Neck label for Pumpkin Ain't Easy Belgian Style Ale
Neck label for Pumpkin Ain’t Easy Belgian Style Ale

We put over 150 pounds of Sugar Pumpkin Pulp into the mash.  I’m not sure if many of you know just how small sugar pumpkins are, but they’re freaking small.  Needless to say, the geniuses of Lickinghole Creek were up till 2:30 in the morning roasting pumpkins for this one.  After doing all of that, we weren’t going to then bury it in spices so you can’t taste pumpkin.  Our version is elegant and spice free.

We will be releasing it at the farm with just a touch of fanfare.  We’ll have three bands, a farmer’s market an artisan fair featuring live demonstrations from Blacksmiths, Gunsmiths and the like.  There will also be tons of kids activities with bounce houses, a petting zoo and pony rides. Oh and enough food trucks to keep Andre the Giant satisfied.

You can buy tickets at eventbrite, at Lickinghole Creek or from

$20 gets you a pint glass, four pours and entrance into the artisan extravaganza.

We can’t wait to see y’all there.