SB 430 Passes the House 97-0

One Step Closer

The Virginia legislature has approved the small-scale existence of farm-breweries in the state. Senate Bill 430 amends the Code of Virginia (15.2-2288.3:1) to create a new Farm Brewery license for breweries that

  • manufacture no more than 15,000 barrels of beer per calendar year
  • are located on a farm in Virginia
  • use agricultural products that are grown on the farm in the manufacture of their beer.

The bill was passed by the Virginia Senate, 35-3, on 30 January, and on February 24th, by the House, 97-0. The bill goes now to Governor McAuliffe for his signature to become law.

Thank  you to everyone who has supported us throughout this process.  All of your signatures, letters and testimonies put this bill over the top and now Virginia is poised for a Farm Brewery Renaissance.