The Goochland Quad!!! oh and we're having birders too

We are releasing our Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale at the farm. This is a small release for us since there are only 10 barrels of the quad (The rest went into Rum Barrels, which will be released later this summer). Get it while you can because it will not be here long.

This is a special one-time brew for LCCB. We used 4 yeast strains, which add to the complexity of the quad and Belgian Candy Syrup called D180. D-180 is a very dark award winning premium Candi Syrup, which contributes the depth and lightens the body of most authentic Belgian-Style Quads.

Here’s the rundown on the Quad:
Goochland Quad
Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale
9.5% ABV
37 IBU
20 SRM

Tasting Notes: Notes of raisin, plum, prune, currants. Easily drinkable, complex and refreshing.

Or…who put this Belgian Abbey in my glass?

Available only on draft. Growlers will be filled.

In addition to the Quad release we are having a birding weekend at the farm. Bring your binoculars and add to your life list.

The Richmond Audubon Society will be at the farm birding early and drinking late. We’ve worked Holden like a dog clearing trails in the woods for birders.

There will be kids activities too. They can paint a bird house, color their favorite bird picture and as always run around on the farm and play on the play set.

We will be adding birdhouses to the from hop yard. Volunteers are encouraged to help.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the farm this weekend.

Your award for reading this entire post is that now you know we will be tapping the Coffee Quad Pin at 4:00.  Good job.