The Haywood Grill is Going to be at LCCB

We love supporting other Goochland businesses and Haywood Grill is a fantastic, family owned business that just so happens to make amazing food (I’m a big fan of the crab cake sandwich).  They’re going to be joining us on multiple dates throughout the summer, bringing their own take on fried fish, fried chicken, crab cakes, french fries and other delectable dishes.  Their motto is “Food Tastes Better From the Woods”, now they can add “Food From the Woods Tastes Better at LCCB”.

Here are the dates they will be at the farm:

Friday, June 20th

Saturday, June 21st

Saturday, July 12th (Pirate Party, Arrrgh)

Saturday, July 26th

Saturday, August 16th

Saturday, August 23rd

LCCB One Year Anniversary Saturday September 27