Waivers, Videos and Reviews Oh My!

Last night, the Board of Supervisors for Goochland County voted unanimously to grant us a waiver to a County Ordinance, which will in effect allow us to increase the occupancy of the brewery without having to pave the entire parking lot and road that leads to the brewery.  In order to achieve this waiver, we will be paving a long portion of the road that leads by our neighbors house and adding some speed humps.

We think this will be great because it should reduce the amount of dust created by the cars visiting the brewery and should decrease the speed of vehicles as they drive by our neighbors homes.

Now we can operate the Tasting Room without requiring reservations or making people wait in the cull de sac to visit the brewery.  You will see more consistent hours of operation from now on as we move forward under the new waiver.

We were overwhelmed by the fantastic support many of you showed for us last night.  The room was packed with supporters for LCCB and several awesome speeches were made (“It’s time to wake up and smell the beer” was the line of the night).  All of us at LCCB are extremely thankful and grateful to you all.

An Mekong, Mike (COTU), Neil (Strangeways) and Jacob (Brown Dist.) Celebrating LCCB's Win
From the back left An Mekong, Mike (COTU), Neil (Strangeways) and Jacob (Brown Dist.) Showed Their Support

In addition to going through the waiver process with the County we are also preparing for this Saturday’s festivities at the farm.  We are releasing the Nuclear Nugget Imperial Honey IPA at 1:00 this Saturday.  To help us get the word out the very talented Rich Reissner made a video for us explaining the beer.  Click this to check it out: YouTube Video of Nuclear Nugget.  If you see Dave, tell him he did great.

And finally, we got fantastic reviews in the latest issue of Beer Advocate for the Enlightened Despot and Magic Beaver.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.55.35 PM

Beer Advocate Review of the Magic Beaver: Score 90. Descriptors: Grassy.  Bitter.  Pungent.  Citrus. “Kick ass comes to mind.  Extremely well put together and intensely drinkable while giving us a good hop fix.”

Beer Advocate Review of the Enlightened Despot: Score 94. Descriptors: Brawny. Roasted.  Molasses.  Warmth. “The beer geeks love their Imperial Stouts, and a small handful garner enough hype to draw massive crowds around their release.  This one is just as deserving as the next.”

Apparently Beaver is a kick ass beer and Despot lives up to the hype.  STP happy.

Cheers!  And thanks.