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Black Forest Witch and Sunflower Saison Release

Sunflower Saison

Saison w/ Sunflower & Lemongrass

7% Alc. by Vol.

Bone dry and ultimately refreshing, this crisp farmhouse ale was fermented warm to mimic the hot summer months in which it was traditionally brewed in. Expect spice from the rye and yeast, citrus and floral notes from the lemongrass, and a touch of malty character from the rustic grist bill that built the foundation of this highly carbonated beer.


Black Forest Witch

Imperial Chocolate Stout

10.3% Alc. by Vol.

Next in the BA 750mL series. Brand new for 2019.

This Imperial Chocolate Stout was laid to rest in French Cognac Barrels which imparted deep notes of oak, stone fruit and cocoa powder. We then enrobed this bold barreled aged stout with pounds of coco nibs, fresh vanilla and sour cherries to give the appeal of biting into a dense yet moist piece of Black Forrest cake.

Take a sip of what this witch has been brewing in her cauldron.