our people make the beer. not robots.

Our people are the difference. By difference, we mean that our brewery is a lot more challenging than most places. So if you're tough enough to put up with some high stakes, high drama, high energy creative collaboration, then you've passed the first test of working at Lickinghole Creek. Our people are great at what they do, and are typically more resilient, and creative than the average craft brewery bear. Mainly, because we work at a farm and not a factory—so bears, bugs, tractors, trails, harvests, weather, and the occasional bad donkey, play a major part in the day-to-day operations.


Lisa pumphrey / co-founder / ceo

The farm is home. The brewery is on the farm, therefore, home is the brewery for Lisa, and she wouldn't have it any other way. 3 kids, 2 German Shepards, 3 horses, 2 cats, and one donkey make the farm the coziest of homes. Lisa's background in law and environmental studies come from years at University of Montana and University of Vermont, which make her an unstoppable force in the local and state level of brewery business development and legislation. Lisa is known for (at the Governor's Mansion) as the creator of the 'farm brewery' category for Virginia, starting the first of many agri-business endeavors centered on beer manufacturing.


min lee /co-owner

Min and Lisa met at some insane prep school up north. Never did they think that they'd both be running a brewery in Goochland. I'm sure just the word alone would have brought the high schoolers to tears. But here she is, a former operations, strategic communications and change management consultant for the US Government in the Middle East, who built communities and created order among the chaos over seas—only to use her skills to bring order to the chaotic world of craft beer.


adam stockton / co-owner

Adam is quick to point out that he was 'in the room' when Lickinghole Creek was invented,—probably sitting deep in a couch, laughing at the thought of... 'let's start a brewery. You can be the designer!' After 10 years of making GEICO commercials, and a 2-year stint in LA working for Apple, he finally thought now would be a great time to shift gears from traveling the world, to traveling to the outer reaches of Goochland Courthouse. Adam is responsible for creating every piece of art for Lickinghole, including every typo and grammatical mistakes.

farris LOUTFI / co-founder / Wolf

Now, Farris was actually 'in the room' and one of the guys not laughing. He was dead serious. Hell, it might have been 'his' idea in the first place. We will never know, because we might have had too many beers that night to recall. Farris is a skilled self-taught tasting guru, and flavor-meister. If you have ever wondered who comes up with strange ideas like adding peppers, and coffee into your Rum Barrel-aged Imperial Stout, it's probably this guy. With an MBA from U of R, Farris' ideas never stop, and remains as the creative lightning to Lickinghole's thunder.


jim RILEY / brewery logistics

OK. Jim doesn't have a beard, but that's ok. He can do the work of 10 beards. Jim is responsible for everything. He's the guy that knows how to build a house, build trials, drive tractors, lifts and fix anything that needs fixing. And, the guy knows a thing or two about beer. If you've been to the farm, chances are he poured you your drink and smiled the whole time doing it. Jim's perfect day at the farm is early mornings watching the fog roll in, and getting that bear off his trial.



Chris also has a beard, as the drawing suggests, which has earned him a seat at the craft beer table. Prior to LCCB, Chris was with Brown Distribution working sales in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. If you ever have questions about the movement of 'liquid' in the state of Virginia, Chris has your answers.


raymond hawk / farmer

I'm sure you thought cutting grass and maintaining your garden in your cute lil' west end neighborhood was pretty overwhelming at times. Try 290 acres of woods, fields, lawns, pastures, vegetables, hops, barley, wheat, pumpkins, tulips, sunflowers, corn, bee hives, berries and a 9 hole disc golf course—then you too will bow down in respect to Farmer Raymond. Just by shaking his leather-tough hands, you feel like a lazy, domesticated human being. And, by the time we're grabbing our double-shot venti, skinny latte at Starbucks, he's already punched a bear, intimidated a snake, and plowed 50 acres of unforgiving red Goochland clay.