Most of our food is sourced from local Virginia farms, except for some of the stuff,
like Camembert Cheese,which probably comes from some farm in Camembert, France.



Pimento Beer Cheese Dip with Toast $5

Virginia Nuts with Szechuan Peppercorn $2

Local Chips $2

Cheese Plate + Charcuterie Board $12



Avocado Toast with Himalayan Salt

Beer Cheese with Cauliflower and Jalapeno

Pepper Jack with Proscuitto and Pear

Truffle Mac and Cheese

Smoked Gouda with Panchetta and Crispy Spinach

Blue Cheese with Buffalo Chicken with Celery and Carrot

Brie with Apricot Jam

Brie with Green Apple and Truffle Honey

Creme Beer Cheese Jalapeno Poppers with Bacon

Mozzarella Avocado with Cranberry

Grilled and Ground Cheeseburger

Vegan Cheese Pesto with Avocado and Micro Greens

Veggie Caprese with Rosemary Olive Oil

Goat Cheese with Beet and Arugula

Peanut Butter Nutella Melt with Plantain



{SAT & SUN} 

Kentucky French Toast Sandwich with Canadian Bacon and Egg $7

Stuffed Biscuits with Canadian Bacon, Egg and Beer Cheese $5


Non- Alc. DRINKS $3

Goya Jamaican Ginger Beer

Barritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer 

Northern Neck Ginger Ale

Mountain Valley Spring Water