Lickinghole Creek juicy IPA Series


The Lickinghole Creek brewers explore the boundaries of the juicy, hazy IPA style with each batch. Each card has a new animal face and tagline to compliment and inspire unique creativity. Love this Deck of Cards? There is one new hazy, juicy IPA a month flowing from the creativity and boundary breaking brewers of Lickinghole Creek.

Current #15

“Something Pretty”

We brewed this juicy for our 6th anniversary. Just as Lickinghole Creek grows and evolves, so does our juicy series. Juicy 15 is getting their learners permit. Massive amounts of our freshly harvested 6-Row thoroughbred barley lends itself to a full and round mouth feel. Which is supported by a heavy dose of a new hop for us at LCCB, Ariana, and two other usual suspects Citra and Amarillo. Soft, creamy and in your face hop aggressiveness. We taste Orange Juice, overripe pineapple.

#1 Something royal--blood orange with 140lbs of dry hop

#2 Citra Happens-- not hazy, but a juicy VA Beer cup Silver winning strong Ale

#3 Something Better-- Jimmy's answer: mosaic, citra Hazy bomb

#4 Something sneaky--mighty dry hop...33lbs of columbus, Citra, motueka

#5 Something clever--Maggie special-Citra, mosaic, and amarillo

#6 Something Wise-- Zythos

#7 Something Loyal-- Huell Melon

#8 Something for Lovers-- El Dorado and Simcoe

#9 Something Soaring-- Huell Melon, Azaca, and Simcoe

#10 Something Experimental-- El Dorado, Amarillo, and Mosaic

#11 Something Stubborn-- El Dorado, Lemon Drop, Idaho Gem Pellets, Hophash

#12 Something Ain’t Right-- Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo and Kveik

#13 Something To Reel-- Simcoe Lupulin Powder, Mosaic and SImcoe pellets

#14 Something Hoppy -- Eureka

#15 Something Pretty-- Ariana, Citra and Amarillo