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LCCB Juicy #13 “Something too Reel”


The next in our super popular series of amazing hazy/ juicy IPA’s.

Stonefruit city. Peach. Mango. Apricot. Nectarine. Tropical. Citrus. Reel this one in and don’t let go because she is a keeper. Commonly referred to as a lunker, hog, or slaunch this massively hopped New England style IPA is one for the record books, it starts out smooth round and in your face, but manages to finish dry and crisp. We decided to go back to the yeast blend that we used in Juicy #8 and #9. We hit this Juicy with a silly amount of Simcoe Lupulin Powder and the freshest Mosaic and SImcoe pellets that money can buy, so but it in your bag and head for weigh-in because you just won the tournament.

LCCB Sunflowers


Pick your own Sunflowers for $5 a bundle. Please bring your own sheers and basket.

As all of you know our Sunflowers are a big part of our Farm's ecosystem and we grow them annually in order to enrich our soil and add a wonderful aesthetics to the landscape of the brewery.

Our fields are in full bloom!



Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery is Virginia's award-winning Farm Brewery, located on 290 pristine acres in Goochland County, Virginia, USA, Earth. We love to make innovative, premium beers for beer lovers. Sometimes it's hard to find, because we don't have those fancy machines, where you push a button and beer comes out. Small batch flavor, and hard-to-come-by are just by-products of the craft, ingredients and care that goes into each brew.

We grow a lot of our own ingredients, like: wheat, barley, hops, berries, pumpkin. And what we can't find—we source it from local farmers, or from global farming communities. We are global stewards of good water. And, unlike most breweries in the world, we sustainably source our own water onsite. Many of our signature beers are aged in ultra-rare Kentucky Bourbon barrels (so rare, we can't name our source) for up to 12 months.

We offer two distinct locations, where beer is brewed and served: the farm & the city.


Event Calendar

Explore all of the beer that has come out of our farm doors!



Brew Pub
1717 E Franklin St
Richmond, VA

Brew Pub Hours

Mon-Thurs - 4:00pm - 10:00pm

Friday - 4:00pm - Midnight

Saturday - 12:00pm - 12:00am

Sun - 12:00pm - 8:00pm

LickingHole Creek - The Farm.jpg

The FArm

4100 Knolls Point Drive Goochland, VA

Farm hours

Mon-Thurs - 9:00am - 5:00pm (Open only for keg, bottle sales, and scheduled tours)

Fri - 3:00pm - 8:00pm

Sat - 12:00pm - 8:00pm

Sun - 12:00pm - 7:00pm

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